About us

Why Shop Here?

Experience and Expertise

The Runners Shop Canberra was established in 1990 and is now widely regarded as one of the best running specialist stores in Australia.

All our staff are athletes and running enthusiasts themselves - we have a mixture of young and... more mature, male and female, elite and 'back of the pack' on staff.  So as well as being technically trained in analysing your footwear needs, we can speak from our own experience about the products we sell.

Foot analysis

We sell you the shoe that suits your foot, not a particular brand to meet a store target. Our staff will take the time to consider how you use your shoes, observe your gait and arch structure, as well as examine how your last pair of shoes fared.

We follow the latest developments in running shoes and sports medicine and consult with doctors, physiotherapists and podiatrists.

The Best 'stuff'

We stock all the leading brands in running shoes and include trainers, racing shoes, minimalist shoes, cross trainers and walking shoes in our wide range. We are also selective and test our products to ensure we only sell the best.

Try our technical running apparel (it breathes so much better than that active wear stuff). You'll notice the difference when your running top stays dry even in summer time!

Support Your Club

We are committed to encouraging and building the local running community at all levels. We give 10% discounts to club members (or 5% off already reduced items).

We also have a long history of 'giving back' to local running, triathlon, athletics, orienteering and even to parkrun.  This is because while we try and make a living from running a business, we believe strongly in the value of community, and especially the importance of community when it comes to running and fitness.

Happy running!

The Team at the Runners Shop Canberra