Women's Mizuno Wave Rebellion

Women's Mizuno Wave Rebellion

  • $300.00

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion for women are lightweight competition shoes. The Mizuno Wave Plate has been reinforced with optical fibres. When compared with other Mizuno Wave Plates, this new plate allows for a more powerful take off. Thanks to this the shoes provides a lot of support for runners going for speed.

The upper is made of a single layer of air-mesh material. This material ensure high breathability and a lot of comfort. The tongue is made of stretchy material and provides a snug fit. Thanks to the use of a thin layer of padding, the laces won't create pressure points on the foot arch.

The new Mizuno ENERZY LITE material in the midsole is made of nylon. This makes the shoes 22% softer and 35% more springy than the Mizuno ENERZY used in other Mizuno shoes. The outsole is made of G3 rubber, which provides a lot of stability, grip and traction during your runs. Thanks to the wider sole at the front and back of the shoes, the shoes are more stable.

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