PREPD Recover Hydration Powder (18 Serves)

PREPD Recover Hydration Powder (18 Serves)

  • $34.00

The Prepd hydration enhancing powder is your secret weapon to stay hydrated throughout the toughest endurance session.

Developed by Flinders University (Adelaide) in collaboration with Yale University (USA), this breakthrough formula has been proven to sustain athlete hydration for longer when regular water and sports drinks don't cut it.

It contains a unique resistant starch that amplifies fluid absorption in the gut - so you get the most hydration out of every drop of fluids that you consume.

Train and compete without dehydration-related fatigue holding back your performance.

Hydrate easily with the 2-part system:

Step 1 - Prepd Prime: pre-workout hydration enhancer consumed at least 6 hours before training or competition, boosts hydration for up to 18 hours. Prime delivers the perfect dose of the unique resistant starch to prepare your gut to use its full hydration potential. This helps you stay hydrated and absorb fluid more effectively to perform at your peak for longer.

Step 2 - Prepd Recover: post-workout rehydration enhancer consumed immediately after training or competition. Recover helps to rehydrate, replenish electrolytes and speed up your recovery. The added resistant starch provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours following exertion.

Prepd Powder is now available in Chocolate and Vanilla and mixes easily into milk or water.

With more serves per container, PREPD Powder is lightweight, easily transportable making it ideal for travel and for athletes on the go.

Buy in tub size, economical serve cost @ $3.75 per serve.

With the introduction of our RECOVER POWDER formula, Prepd have added protein and leucine to assist with post exercise muscle repair. Whilst still containing their patented resistant starch and electrolytes, for rapid fluid absorption and to improve hydration throughout the post exercise recovery period.

- Built upon over 20 years of medical research
- Innovative patent-pending formula
- One serving provides 33g of resistant starch to increase fluid uptake
- Tested on professional athletes including AFL players, ultra-marathon runners, cyclists, Ironman competitors and a V8 supercar driver with proven benefits to hydration
- HASTA certified product - guaranteed to fulfil mandatory quality requirements and tested for more than 200 WADA banned substances
- Use Prepd Prime with Prepd Recover to ensure your hydration needs are met pre and post-training
- Low in sugar

PREPD Recover Powder Tubs
Chocolate 918g serves > 18 serves per tub
Vanilla 828g serves > 18 serves per tub

- Drink 1x serve Prepd Recover immediately after intense exercise as an integral step in your recovery routine.

Please note: Recommended to limit consumption to no more than one Prime and two Recover drinks in total per day or as tolerated.

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